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Right to Rule is a multiplayer turn based strategy game, where players take on the role of either the Fairy Tales or Legends factions, in a never ending battle for the Right to Rule. Legends, led by the mysterious Merlin, must escort their Siege Engine to the Fairy Tale castle, defended by the merciless Lil' Red and her band of Tin Soldiers. Players will have access to each factions unique deck of cards, used to change the tide of battle.

Out play your opponents through our RPS-style combat system and utilise field and battle cards to change the tide of battle.

We recommend grabbing a friend to play against through our private match system!


  • Play as either the Legends or Fairy Tales factions. Each with their own unique deck of cards.
  • Go head to head against another player online. Or get competitive with a friend using the Private Match feature.
  • Use mind games and flaunt your tactical superiority by defeating your enemies in a unique Rock-Paper-Scissors style combat system.
  • Play cards during battle to turn tides in your favour.
  • Defend and escort the Trojan horse as the Legends Faction, or seek to destroy it as the Fairy Tale Faction.
  • Use the Hero Units, Little Red and Merlin to dish out massive amounts of damage



RightToRule_v1.0_Setup.exe 117 MB

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